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And welcome to my official website.


                 I just wanted to take some time and personally thank everyone for all your support and interest in the past. Some of you are newcomers and some of you have been coming to see me perform for several DECADES!


          Well finally, after much procrastination, here are the beginnings of my official website.

As it develops, there will be tons of photo galleries, audio & video, merchandise, news and gig info. 

I will also try my best to keep an up-to-date diary and correspond with everyone.


           One thing that is a little hard for me to do is discern the fan/artist relationship, mainly because I, myself,

am such a big fan of so many artists. The strange and wonderful thing about my life up to now is that I have

gotten to meet and work with so many of my musical heroes. Consequently, as much as I enjoy presenting this

website to you all, I would like for it to also be a way for me to share my experiences with these musical legends

from a fan's perspective.


           My very good friend, Frank Guella, calls my life, "a rock 'n roll fantasy".  He has even suggested that I

write a book. One of my own conclusions on being a fan (short for fan-atic) is that once I've begun to

admire someone for their talent and accomplishments, I become curious to know more about them

personally -- not the stuff you read in gossip magazines, but substantial information,

such as their early influences, spiritual beliefs, etc., in hopes of possibly tapping in to whatever

that positive energy is that empowers them to be so great in their particular ways.


      If there has truly been something in my life that has had a positive effect on what I do and how people

perceive me, I want to be able to share it with those who are looking for it. I know that some of you

will be able to relate to the fact that when growing up and developing during those awkward teenage years,

sometimes just one line of lyrics from a song helped to get you through hard times.


         As Eric Clapton once said, "music is our most eloquent voice".

I firmly believe that a lot of the great masters of music and the arts should be considered as modern day "prophets".

For me "coming of age" at the tail end of the 60's exposed me to a whole philosophy of consciousness,

mind-expansion and awareness. It opened the door for my own exploration into Eastern Philosophy.


                    These are truly amazing times when we can tap into the entire planet and share information.

I believe we shouldn't take it for granted but instead take advantage of a great tool we have at our fingertips.

    Thanks for listening and please feel free to browse around and inquire.

    All the best, Godfrey T. Townsend



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